Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans
Associate Professor

Interim Chair - Department of Cinema & Media Arts

Barbara Evans has worked extensively as a film director, producer, writer, researcher and editor. A graduate of the National Film and Television School (England), she has worked in Britain for educational television, the BBC, ITV and on films sponsored by the British Film Institute. She was a founding member of the London Women’s Film Group and the British Newsreel Collective. In Canada, she has worked as editor for the National Film Board on such films asWonderland and Bitter Medicine, and on the feature films Latitudeand Walls.

Professor Evans’ own films have won awards such as the Yorkton Golden Sheaf (Prairie Women and In Her Chosen Field) and the MediaWatch Television and Public Affairs Award (In Her Chosen Field) as well as awards at the American Film and Video Festival and the Columbus International Film and Television Festival. Her productions include Now That We Are Persons, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Persons Case, and Jessie’s Albums, the story of a farm woman who documented her life through photographs in the early years of the 20th century. She is currently producing the filmHeaven on Earth, a feature-length documentary on the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation.