Kenneth Rogers

Kenneth Rogers
Associate Professor

Cinema and Media Studies
Associate Dean, Research, School of the Arts, Performance, Media & Design

BS (Emerson College), MA, PhD (NYU)

Kenneth Rogers is the author of The Attention Complex: Media, Archeology, Method (Palgrave Macmillan 2014), which diagrams the complex of power relations that organizes the proliferating media technologies, knowledge systems, and social practices of human attention into a larger political strategy that governs the conduct of individuals. He has also published on a range of topics inlcuding alternative video, contemporary media art, crowd sourcing, critical pedagogy, and biopolitics. He is the former president of the board of directors for the Los Angeles-based media arts organization Freewaves. His current book project, Petromedia: Oil Culture and Media Culture, is an exploration of the historical interdependence of new media technology and finite energy resources through the emerging critical optic of environmental media studies.