Structure of the Department

Chair – Caitlin Fisher

The Chair is the the official spokesperson for the Department and represents us in all dealings with the Dean of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, the University, the film industry,  the media arts community,  as well as the wider community.  He is responsible for coordinating the various activities of the Department, the Department’s financial operation and the overall academic program.

Executive Committee

Comprises the Chair, the Graduate Program Directors & the Area Coordinators and meets monthly.

Graduate Program Directors

  • John Greyson – MFA (Production) & MFA (Screenwriting)
  • Sharon Hayashi – MA/PhD, Cinema & Media Studies

The Graduate Program Directors are responsible for the course of study at the graduate level and work with the Chair to integrate the levels of the Department, including  admissions and the assignment of graduate students as teaching assistants.

Area Coordinators are responsible for the activities and academic component in each area, and chair the monthly area meetings.  Problems that cannot be solved through discussion with your Course Director, or that affect activities in your area, should be brought to their attention.  This year’s Area Coordinators are:

  • Phil Hoffman – Production
  • Janine Marchessault – Cinema & Media Studies
  • Howard Wiseman – Screenwriting

Area committees meet once a month.

Course Directors

Every course has a director.  Most courses have only one, the instructor in the classroom.  Some larger courses are divided into sections or tutorials and may have other instructors  and/or teaching assistants, so please refer to the course outline for each course; the Course Director should be listed.  If you have questions or difficulties about the course, start your inquiries with the Course Director.  If you are not satisfied with the answers you get, consult the appropriate Area Coordinator or your advisor in OASIS.