Work & Research


CineACTION – Canada’s Leading Film Studies Journal

CineAction has been publishing continuously since 1985. We feature essays and reviews by film critics and scholars and we cover a wide range of filmmaking – classic and contemporary popular film, third world cinema, political documentary and experimental film and video.

Public: Art/Culture/Ideas

PUBLIC is an interdisciplinary journal with a core focus on visual art. It strives to be an accessible, smart and beautiful journal about art with the timeliness and visual interest of a magazine, but the longevity of a book.

Research Centres

Future Cinema Lab

The Future Cinema Lab (FCL)

The FCL is the first dedicated facility of its type in Canada, enabling researchers to design new forms of storytelling, develop prototypes for urban research, and create innovative, subversive projects within networked and hybrid media environments.


Augmented Reality Lab

Directed by Caitlin Fisher, Canada Research Chair in Digital Culture, York’s Augmented Reality Lab (AR Lab) is dedicated to producing innovative expressive tools, research methods, interfaces and content that challenges cinematic and literary conventions and aim to enhance how people interact with their physical environment and with each other.


Stereoscopic 3D Lab

The Stereoscopic 3D Lab @ York is a unique interdisciplinary initiative that brings together artist/filmmakers and scientists to research, create and explore stereoscopic moving images in cinema, installations and new media.