BFA in Production

The BFA in Production offers a comprehensive curriculum in all aspects of filmmaking. Courses in the creative crafts of cinematography, editing and sound are offered alongside studies in the concepts and practices of screenwriting, directing and producing. Students work in a full range of digital and film formats, utilizing industry-standard production and post-production facilities, to produce work of fully professional calibre.

The program combines in-depth technical instruction with a strong emphasis on the creative aspects of film as a medium of storytelling, social engagement, and self-expression.

Small classes (From 25 students in first year to 10 – 15 students in third and fourth year) allow for strong mentoring by our internationally recognized (and continuously productive) faculty.

The rich Cinema and Media Studies component included in the BFA in Production gives our students an edge, developing our students ability to not only make moving images but to think, talk and write about them, and to understand the historical and theoretical framework in which they are produced.

Academic Calendar – Degree Requirements

How to apply to the BFA program in Production