BFA in Production Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the BFA in Prodution, in addition to the Learning Objectives shared by all of our Undergraduate Programs, students are expected to be able to perform the following abilities as outlined in the categories below:

Depth and breadth of knowledge

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and critical understanding of the technological and creative processes involved in the production of film* works of all types. (*The use of the term “film” is understood to include film, standard and high definition video and digital cinema formats.)
  • Analyze and discuss films of various genres and formal approaches in a range of theoretical and historical contexts.

Knowledge of methodologies

  • Approach filmmaking practice as a means of storytelling, non-fiction narrative, and formal, technical and stylistic experimentation.
  • Understand the professional requirements of all technical and creative roles involved in film production and post-production.

Application of knowledge

  • Make competent use of current tools (hardware and software) in the production and post-production of film works.
  • Demonstrate creative and technical competence to a professional level in at least one area of film production (e.g. directing, cinematography, editing, sound, production management).

Communications skills

  • Work collaboratively with others, including in a high-pressure production environment.
  • Treat all those involved in the production process – including crew members, actors, documentary subjects, industry professionals and suppliers – respectfully and ethically.

Awareness of limitations of knowledge

  • Use best practices for safety in all aspects of film production.

Autonomy and professional capacity

  • Meet deadlines in all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Understand industry standards and be qualified for employment in a production or post-production environment.
  • Identify the various professional associations, funding agencies, unions and corporate bodies involved in film production.