BA in Cinema and Media Studies

The Cinema and Media Arts Program in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design is a unique interdisciplinary program combining traditional scholarship with extensive opportunities for engaged, hands-on learning in the field of Cinema and Media Arts.

The Cinema and Media Studies Program focuses on history, theory, criticism, curation, and producing of cinema and other media-rich arts, such as gaming and social media forms. Students learn to understand film, television and other moving images in relation to history, criticism, technology and aesthetics. They encounter a diverse world of cinema and media and learn vital skills that will help them become leaders in our future world – a world that is increasingly interconnected through modes of communication and interaction that relay cinematic and moving images.

Through coursework students will develop specialized knowledge and critical understanding of multiple fields of cinema and media studies including genre, authorship, national and transnational cinemas, technologies of the image, and cultural theory. Students wishing to pursue careers in the cultural industries will have the opportunity for engaged learning in the areas of producing, marketing, the business of film, curating, and festival programming. In addition to practice-based workshops and specialized assignments, students can expect opportunities for placements and internships with a broad array of organizations, such as local film and media festivals such as TIFF and Images Festival, independent distribution companies, the National Film Board of Canada, the Ontario Art Gallery, film magazines and journals, independent production companies, archives, and many more.

Our students pursue careers in the media industries, cultural organizations and/or academia.

Future plans for the Cinema and Media Arts Program include offering a stream in media producing, production planning and management, as well as a specialization in media programming and curation.

How to apply

How to apply to Cinema and Media Studies

Academic Calendar – Degree Requirements

Sample Courses

1120 3.0-Intro. to Screenwriting

Provides an overview of the role of storytelling in filmmaking practice, introducing students to the techniques used by screenwriters to craft stories in both fiction and non-fiction films and television programs and other moving picture media. Course credit exclusions: FA/FILM 1010 3.00, FA/FILM 1121 3.00 (prior to Winter 2011). Note: Required of all first-year BA and BFA film majors. Enrolment is limited to BA and BFA film majors.

1001 3.00-Making Media

Offers a production course designed to introduce students to a wide array of media industries through hands-on exercises in lectures and tutorials. The course demonstrates how cutting-edge research in cinema and media studies is an indispensable part of the practice of producing media in a changing world. It also includes weekly guest lectures from leading media arts professionals working in the GTA and beyond. Course credit exclusion: FA/FILM 1010 3.00. Degree requirement for Cinema and Media Studies majors. Open to non-majors by permission of the department.

2200 3.00-Cinema, Modernity & Technology

Examines the emergence of cinema as a technology, social practice, economic structure, and means of artistic expression. Prerequisite: FA/FILM 1400 9.00.

3310 3.0-Studies in the Documentary

Explores the creative interpretation of actuality in film, from Flaherty to direct cinema and television. A study of changing forms, techniques and theories of documentary; its role in public information, propaganda and social analysis. Prerequisites: FA/FILM 1400 6.00 or FA/FILM 2401 6.00 or permission of the Film Department.

FA/FILM 4230 3.00 The Business of Film & Television

Provides a thorough overview of the business environment in which films, television programs, and other moving image productions are financed, developed, produced and distributed. Open to all Film Majors. Prerequisites: FA/FILM 2200 3.00 and FA/FILM 2230 3.00.