BA in Cinema and Media Studies – Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the BA in Cinema and Media Studies, in addition to the learning objectives shared by all of our undergraduate programs, we aim for our students to be able to perform the following abilities as outlined in the categories below:

Depth and breadth of knowledge

  • Understand the key concepts, methodologies and assumptions underlying different theories of cinema and media.
  • Understand cinema and media studies as a discipline.
  • Demonstrate specialized knowledge and critical understanding of multiple fields of cinema and media studies, including genre, authorship, national and transnational cinemas, technologies of the image, and cultural theory.

Knowledge of methodologies

  • Read critically dense theoretical texts.
  • Critically evaluate major developments in cinema and media studies
  • Apply a variety of theoretical approaches to a range of cinematic texts

Application of knowledge

  • Demonstrate advanced scholarly and critical research and writing skills.
  • Conduct research of print, electronic, and visual resource texts, of both primary and secondary sources.
  • Formulate research questions and evaluate the appropriateness of relevant theoretical and methodological approaches.
  • Gather, review, evaluate and interpret relevant textual evidence in support of original arguments.

Communications skills

  • Understand and employ disciplinary terminology.
  • Engage in theoretical debates in cinema & media studies.

Autonomy and professional capacity

  • Understand the role of archives, film festivals and other institutions in the field of cinema and media studies.
  • Be prepared to continue scholarly research at the graduate level.
  • See Learning Objectives shared by all of our Undergraduate Programs.