Learning Objectives

Depth and breadth of knowledge

  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of the history of cinema from its beginning to the present including major international films, artists, and movements.
  • Understand the key concepts and debates underlying theories of cinema and media.
  • Engage with multiple cultural perspectives.

Knowledge of methodologies

  • Demonstrate critical understanding of the technological and creative processes involved in the writing and production of film works of all types.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of cinema and media analysis in the context of general critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Understand the basics of storytelling craft in the construction of fiction, documentary and alternative films.

Application of knowledge

  • Employ critical and creative research and writing skills.
  • Conduct research of print, electronic, and visual resource texts.
  • Accept constructive feedback and revise work effectively.
  • Engage with the ethical and social issues surrounding the production and dissemination of moving images and sound.
  • Use best practices for environmental sustainability.

Communications skills

  • Analyze, argue and communicate clearly in a range of oral and written forms, addressing diverse audiences.
  • Work collaboratively and ethically with others and foster a shared learning environment.
  • Effectively research, develop, present, critically evaluate and give peer feedback on creative and scholarly work.

Awareness of limitations of knowledge

  • Understand the limits of their knowledge and how this might influence their analyses and interpretations.

Autonomy and professional capacity

  • Identify the industries and institutions involved in the production, distribution and exhibition of film and new media.
  • Meet deadlines and develop a rigorous discipline in academic and creative work

There are also specific learning objectives for each of our three undergraduate programs:

BFA in Production learning objectives
BA in Cinema and Media Studies learning objectives
BFA in Screenwriting learning objectives