Now They’re Just Lines

Anything loses its meaning if you repeat it over and over again; home, home, home, home. WINNER – BEST ALTERNATIVE FILM AT CINESIEGE


An exploration of gender identity, pronouns, and my personal experience with the gender. HONOURABLE MENTION – BEST ALTERNATIVE FILM AT CINESIEGE

Unspoken Space

An exploration of the space between tolerance and acceptance when a queer person verbalizes their sexuality. WINNER – BEST 2ND YEAR ALTERNATIVE FILM AT CINESIEGE

Empty Spaces Where You’ve Been

An exploration of the emotional struggle experienced in a long distance relationship and how barriers, both digital and physical, affect intimacy.

Fellow Travelers

A short film about the past and what it’s turned to now. A personal film about how I relate to the growing historical tension of the last 20 years.


The last man on Earth consumes mesmerizing images and cryptic messages through his screen-machine, which feeds him all the numbers and intelligence he needs to survive — until the cycle breaks.


An alternative film exploring the unique struggles of three individuals.

I do, but I don’t

The filmmaker reflects on their relationship to weddings in this subversive self-portrait, masterfully weaving pop culture with the intimate. Best Screenplay at CINESIEGE 2020 Best Alternative Film at CINESIEGE 2020