Where I am

Hong Kong is like a river—whatever point in time you called it home, it will never be the same when you return.


The film commemorates the memories of pain and sufferings of the “BANGLA” Language Revolution which eventually led to the Liberation War in 1971 for Bangladesh.

The Museum

A tour of an imaginary museum in which the rooms represent the sexual abuse women face throughout their lives.


A dialogue between the digital world and the physical world. Evoking Plato and Robert J. Flaherty, Variations explores the evolving ways in which we interact with the world around us. The score was created and composed using only a single sound of a household metal spoon.

The Waters

An exploration of the parallels between schizophrenia and shamanic practice, shown through the alternate reality that is shared by two characters.


A man walks into a room and is subject to strange experiments that walk the line between fantasy and nightmare.


A subjective daydream perspective film, reflecting on simple elements of everyday life and how the way we perceive it is special to our own mind. Awards: Premiered at The Laundry Room Theater

Dear Grandpa

Using my grandfather’s old eight-millimeter film camera, I explore the deteriorating relationship I had with my grandfather during his final days after being diagnosed with cancer.