On the Horizon

A young filmmaker confronts the inevitability of death as she documents her grandparents’ contemplations about living and dying at the end of their life. WINNER – BEST DOCUMENTARY AT CINESIEGE

Encrucijadas (Crossroads)

A migrant family explores the meaning of home by exploring the past, the present and the stories in between. HONOURABLE MENTION – BEST DOCUMENTARY AT CINESIEGE

Kadıköy: Town of the Blind

The life in Kadıköy as the city and the people intertwine. WINNER – BEST 2ND YEAR DOCUMENTARY FILM AT CINESIEGE

Trial of the Great Forger

In the aftermath of WWII, a world-famous Dutch art forger is put on trial for pulling off one of the biggest scams in the history of art.

Talks of Faith

Talks of Faith explores the evolution of three young women – one Muslim, one Catholic, and one Spiritualist – showcasing their personal growth and struggles within their faiths during both their adolescence and in present time.  

Perfect Timing

Marissa seeks out to discover how adoption has shaped her life when she comes across her family’s old home videos in this short documentary.

My Girls

Wynona, Desiree and Nicola Falcao drawn on shared experiences to explore how birth order impacts their individual relationship with their mother.


As the climate changes and people alter the woods, an invasive species eats its way through our family forest but my grandfather has a plan to save it.

Sayed Cima

Sayed Cima is one of the largest antique car collectors in Egypt. We follow his story from the very beginning of his passion, his immense involvement in Egyptian cinema starting from the late 60s up until today, how he achieved the title “Cima” and where the “Cima” family name is headed in the future.