In Other News

Isaac is having what he believes to be a regular typical Saturday. But in a world designed against you, even a good deed can attract a dreadful outcome.


Zoe, a young drifter with a codependent boyfriend, finds financial stability through a sugar daddy. WINNER – BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AT CINESIEGE

Like There’s No Tomorrow

While working at their part time jobs at a local radio station, two childhood friends hear a message that will flip their lives upside down. WINNER – BEST 2ND YEAR FICTION FILM AT CINESIEGE

The Well of Fortune

Lucía is a trapped house-maid who strives to fulfill her dream and scape her awful life when she finds the well of fortune. WINNER – BEST 1st YEAR FILM AT CINESIEGE

A Date

After an elusive 14-year-old girl moves to a new city, she tries to win the heart of her newfound crush while embracing her Muslim culture.


Eduardo is a 16-year-old immigrant who’s obsessed with soccer and sports betting. When he meets a group of very wealthy teenagers, he’s allured by their way of life. The main character attempts to convince them that he’s an experienced Bookie to get the means and status to join their group.


The CIA brings in their most esteemed detective to interrogate a space alien who claims to be God.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Esther, a sickly old woman, has her evening interrupted by Blane a door to door salesman, who’s demonstration of a costly vacuum promises Esther a cure for her terminal ailments.


As a young programmer goes through a breakup, his emotionally illiterate coworker struggles to find a way to help.


Two best friends work in a tech booth during a play, but get distracted from their cues when one accuses the other of having a crush on the same person as her.