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Nora Likes Girls


Third Year


22-year-old Nora struggles to connect in her love life and in her career as she tries to meet her family’s expectations.

Awards: Cinesiege 2019 Nominee

  • Writted by/Directed by
    Marlee Druker

  • Cinematography by
    Celine Floyd

  • Edited by
    Gabrielle Sorel

  • Sound by
    Shane Pendergast

  • Sound by
    Evan Hoffman

  • Sound by
    Courtney Berkuta

  • Production Designer
    Michael Petruzzelli

  • Main Cast
    Spencer Glassman as Nora Kate Jellyn as Laurel Emma Ferreira as Quinn Evan Hoffman as Kevin Nicole Moller as Sophie Glen Warren as Dad Rhonda Melanson as Mom