BFA in Production

Admission to the Production (BFA Honours) program is based both on academic performance and artistic merit. Academic admissibility is assessed by York University, while artistic merit is evaluated by the Department of Cinema & Media Arts. Therefore, the application to the Production program is a two-step process.

Applications to this program are accepted for Fall and Summer entry.

You may apply to more than one AMPD program; however you must apply separately to each one.

Step 1: Apply to York University

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You can apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application.

Academic Requirements

Application Deadlines

Current York University students interested in transferring to the program should contact the Department of Cinema & Media Arts directly at to apply.

Step 2: Complete the Questionnaire and Portfolio Upload

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In addition to applying for admission to York through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application, applicants to the Production program must complete a Questionnaire and Portfolio Upload.

Once you have applied to the program you will receive an email that will include your reference ID and directions for completing the Questionnaire and Portfolio Upload. This email will be sent approximately 5-10 business days after you submit your application. If you are applying to more than one AMPD program, you must complete a separate Audition/Interview/Portfolio Review for each one.

Production Questionnaire and Portfolio Upload

The Questionnaire and Portfolio Upload for the Production program includes a questionnaire, a portfolio and an interview.

The questionnaire requires that you submit a concept proposal for a documentary or fiction film. We’re interested in your perceptions about the world around you, and how you might work creatively with them. The Outline must be for a 6-8 min. no-budget film that you could make this summer. Describe the form and content. It can be a fiction, documentary or experimental film, and should be a specific story that you are passionate about. (250 words max).

In addition, you will also be asked to describe one recent creative project that you were centrally involved in. It can be any artistic medium, small or large, solo or group, public or private, in or out of school. Include the title, date, one-line description, your specific role, why you think the project was exciting, and a paragraph about what you learned about yourself in the process. (250 words max).

You will also be asked to upload a portfolio consisting of 5 minutes of video which you have directed or for which you served as cinematographer/videographer or editor, or photographs, visual art pieces or visual documentations of an artistic project that you created/developed. Edit your work together and upload it as a single link to Youtube or Vimeo, with the password AMPD2018. Your 5 min. portfolio can include: whole films or excerpts; group projects (though your own work is preferred); documentation of other art forms, including photos or paintings, etc.

You must also list the contents and a description of your portfolio. For each title, list the date, genre, a one-line description, your specific creative role(s), whether it was for school or independent, list of screenings (if any), and a line or two about what you learned making each work. (250 words max).

A $60 CAD evaluation fee is required to submit your questionnaire and portfolio.

Your questionnaire (concept proposal) and portfolio, along with your most recent available grades, will be reviewed by our faculty members.

Based on the results of this review, short-listed applicants will be invited for a skype interview. Interviews are ongoing as we receive applications.

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What's Next?

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